Bentonite Cat Sand Own Brand—Perfect Cat Litter


Bentonite Cat Sand Own Brand—Perfect Cat Litter

Eisen pet bentonite cat sand own brand—perfect cat litter is a premium bentonite cat litter sand, perfect cat litter is a relatively common bentonite cat litter sand market, the cost performance is absolutely value-for-money, is a common choice for cat lovers.

Eisen pet premium bentonite cat litter sand—perfect cat litter has all the advantages of bentonite cat litter: 

1. Superabsorbent: Natural sodium-based bentonite can absorb a large amount of water and bentonite clay cat sand bulk can adsorb and maintain up to 10 times more water.

2. Good adhesion: Natural sodium bentonite cat sand has good adhesion, which can make bentonite cat sand safe maintain a certain adhesion ability in a wet state.

Therefore, Perfect bentonite cat litter sand safe uses 100% natural sodium-based bentonite as natural sodium bentonite's raw material.

  Cat Sand Own Brand    perfect cat litter     

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