Bentonite Cat Sand Own Brand—Classic Cat Litter


Bentonite Cat Sand Own Brand—Classic Cat Litter

Eisen pet bentonite cat sand own brand—Classic cat litter is a premium bentonite cat litter sand, classic cat litter is a relatively common bentonite cat litter sand market, the cost performance is absolutely value-for-money, is a common choice for cat lovers.

Eisen pet premium bentonite cat sand own brand—Classic cat litter has all the advantages of bentonite cat litter sand: 

1. Strong hygroscopicity: Natural sodium-based bentonite has high hygroscopic performancewhich can quickly absorb cat urine and convert it into a gel-like substance to effectively control humidity.

2. Good adsorption: Sodium-based bentonite has good adsorption, can adsorb odor molecules and harmful substances, and effectively control the breeding of odors and bacteria.

3. Moderate particle size: The particle size of natural sodium-based bentonite is moderate, not too fine or coarse, making the use of clay bentonite cat litter sand more comfortable and not easy to stick to the cat's paws.

4. Environmental protection: Natural sodium-based bentonite is a natural mineral material that does not contain chemical additives or harmful substances, which is environmentally friendly.

5. Long-term use: Due to its strong hygroscopicity and adsorption properties, the clean premium bentonite cat litter sand formula of natural sodium-based bentonite has a relatively long service life, which can reduce the frequency and amount of replacement.

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