Best Clean Bentonite Cat Litter Sand manufacturers


Best Clean Bentonite Cat Litter Sand Manufacturers

Our best clean bentonite cat litter is manufactured in pure & clean natural environment, controls odor naturally, without perfume, deodorants or chemicals. With special manufacturing technique, the bentonite cat litter sand is dust free, can benifit the respiratory tract of cat. Good for cat body health. When absorbing the urine, have good clumping, easy to clean it quickly.

Best clean bentonite cat litter manufacturers has the following advantages in bentonite cat litter sand:

1, Strong deodorization: Best clean bentonite cat litter manufacturers can tightly absorb the odor in urine or feces and keep the air in the room fresh and odor-free.

2, Super fast moisture absorption: Best clean bentonite cat litter manufacturers can quickly suck up the water in the pet's urine and feces in a very short time; Moisture absorption of more than 80% of its own weight while maintaining a dry appearance.

3, Strong antibacterial. Because the litter box is dry, it reduces the growth of bacteria. If you use antibacterial cat litter, it also has a bactericidal effect.

4, Easy to handle: Best clean bentonite cat litter sand does not caking, leaving no marks, no dust, light gravity, less garbage, can be disposed of as ordinary garbage; Easy and safe for family use.

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