Easy Clean Premium Bentonite Clay Clumping Cat Litter


Easy Clean Premium Bentonite Clay Clumping Cat Litter

Bentonite cat litter is one of the most common types of cat litter. It is made from bentonite minerals and has excellent water absorption properties. When your cat urinates, premium bentonite cat litter quickly solidifies the urine into solid clumps for easy cleanup. Premium bentonite cat litter not only absorbs urine, but also controls odors and ensures a fresh litter box environment.

Here is how to use our bentonite cat litter:

1, Clean the litter box: Before using the new premium bentonite cat litter, make sure the litter box is clean. Dispose of the bentonite clay cat litter first, then wash the litter box with warm water and neutral detergent, and finally dry it with a clean towel.

2, fill the cat litter: the appropriate amount of bentonite clay cat litter into the litter box, usually the thickness of the bentonite clay cat litter should be maintained at about 5 cm.

3, regular cleaning: bentonite clumping cat litter and silicone cat litter can form clumps, so after the cat urinates, clean up the clumps in time to keep the litter box clean. Paper and corn litter can be replaced as a whole, but they also need to be cleaned regularly.

4, regular replacement: According to the frequency of use of the cat, it is recommended to replace the bentonite clumping cat litter every once in a while to maintain the hygiene of the litter box.

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