Global Sources Exhibition-Eisen Pet


Global Sources Exhibition-EisenPet

In order to expand the overseas market business of EisenPet, our company participated in the Global Resources Exhibition held in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo from April 18th to 21th, this exhibition not only established a deeper cooperation relationship with old customers, but also harvested many new customers from different countries and regions.

When receiving visiting customers, we maintain a professional and enthusiastic working attitude to introduce the characteristics of different cat litter products for customers, and put forward suggestions and solutions to better meet the different needs of customers, from clay cat litter production to packaging production to logistics and transportation, we also provide one-stop service.

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The main clay cat litter products and advantages of EisenPet Company are:

1, Bentonite clay cat litter: This bentonite clay cat litter is made from 100% sodium bentonite clay cat litter, Bentonite clay cat litter agglomerates quickly and effectively, and is easy to clean.

2, Tofu cat sand: Our tofu cat sand absorbs water quickly and clumps stably, using natural ingredients with low dust and environmental protection. Add deodrant factor, shovel poop can breathe. Quickly dissolves in water, can be directly flushed into the toilet, fast agglomeration, liberates shovel poop officer.

3, Volcanic cat sand: The touch of volcanic cat sand is close to natural sand, which cats will prefer. This volcanic cat sand is fine, the caking effect is better, the bottom is not easy to stick, and the deodorization ability of volcanic cat sand is very strong.

4. Broken bentonite cat sand: This broken bentonite cat sand adsorption and clumping ability is relatively strong, good deodorization effect, can effectively control the smell, and the ues of more durable than other cat sand.

5, Activated carbon bentonite cat sand: This activated carbon bentonite cat sand can provide better deodorization and antibacterial effect and reduce the impact of odor on the indoor environment. And activated carbon bentonite cat sand can also absorbs moisture and forms lumps, which is convenient for owners to clean regularly and maintain the hygiene of the clay cat litter box.

6, Broken tofu cat sand: Our broken tofu cat sand has milk flavor, strong deodorization, less dust, can flush the toilet, and the broken area is wide and tight, the clumping ability of broken tofu cat sand is stronger than other columnar cat litter, which is not easy to break open. 

Through this exhibition, EisenPet not only won the attention and recognition of many customers, but also established a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation with them. Through the publicity and promotion of the exhibition, our clay cat litter brands image has been enhanced, and market awareness has also increased significantly.

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