Natural Sodium Premium Ball Sahped bentonite Cat litter


Natural Sodium Premium Ball Shaped Bentonite Cat litter

Natural sodium premium ball shaped bentonite cat litter is a relatively common natural sodium bentonite cat litter market, the cost performance is absolutely value-for-money, is a common choice for cat lovers.

Eisen pet natural sodium bentonite cat litter has all the advantages of premium ball shaped bentonite cat litter 

1、3 seconds rapid agglomeration, 

2、strong water absorption ability can quickly coagulate cat urine and cat poop, 

3、good deodorization effect, 

4、cat litter added bacteriostatic particles, 

5、ong-lasting aroma,

6、mix premium bentonite cat litter particles 1-4mm, cat's fragile little feet are more comfortable to step on.

            natural sodium bentonite cat litter         bentonite Cat litter

             cat litter           natural sodium bentonite cat litter


Q1:What is your MOQ?

A: Usually a 20ft container is required as the minimum order quantity on our side. But also accept your minimum amount.

Q2:Do you offer free samples?

A: Yes, we can provide free samples.

Q3:How do I get your quotation?

A: If you want to know more about our quotation, please provide detailed product requirements, such as packaging specifications, number of bags, and weight, we will provide a completed quotation to you.

Q4:Which is your trading method?

A: We accept FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDP, etc.

Q5:Can I buy your cat litter and pet accessories at the same time?

A:Yes, we can pack pet accessories and cat litter in the same container to meet your needs.

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