​Natural Sodium Premium Bentonite Cat Litter Sand


Natural Sodium Premium Bentonite Cat Litter Sand

Natural sodium premium bentonite cat litter sand has the characteristics of strong hygroscopicity, good deodorizing effect, environmental protection and non-toxicity, and is a safe and practical choice for premium bentonite cat litter sand.

1. Natural and environmentally friendly: Natural sodium bentonite cat litter is a natural ore, non-toxic and harmless, environmentally friendly, and will not cause harm to cats and human health.

2. Strong hygroscopicity: Natural sodium bentonite cat litter has excellent hygroscopic properties, which can quickly absorb cat urine and convert it into solid lumps, keep the surface of bentonite cat litter sand dry, and effectively control peculiar odors.

3. Good deodorization effect: Natural sodium bentonite cat litter has a good deodorizing function, which can absorb and neutralize the odor produced by cat urine and feces, and keep the air fresh.

4. Long service life: Natural sodium bentonite cat litter has long-lasting hygroscopicity and deodorizing effect, and the service life is relatively long, which can save the amount of natural sodium bentonite cat litter and the frequency of replacement.

5. Less dust: The amount of dust in natural sodium bentonite cat litter is relatively small, which reduces the irritation of cats and human respiratory tract, and is more friendly to dust-sensitive cats and humans.

          premium bentonite cat litter sand       bentonite cat litter sand

         cat litter sand           premium bentonite cat litter sand

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