Shanghai Asia Pet Exhibition-Eisen Pet


Shanghai Asia Pet Exhibition-Eisen Pet

       From August 16, 2023 to August 20, 2023, Shanghai Asia Pet Exhibition was held in Shanghai, China, and some members of Shenyang Aisen Pet participated in the exhibition.

       Receive customers from all over the world, some are new customers, some are admiring customers, and we have been cooperating with old customers, they come from different countries in the world. For the same goal, come to China.

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         We carefully introduced different kinds of cat litter, bentonite cat litter, water-soluble cat litter, activated carbon cat litter, broken cat litter and other different kinds to customers.

According to the different needs of customers, we provide professional advice and solutions, from cat litter production to packaging production to logistics and transportation, we provide one-stop service.

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        After the exhibition, we have dinner with our customers. The process of planning the customer's cat litter production was further improved, so that the customer could rest assured that the goods would be entrusted to Eisen pet.

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