• Bentonite Clay Kitty Sand
  • Bentonite Clay Kitty Sand

Bentonite Clay Kitty Sand

  • Eisen pet cat litter
  • Inner Mongolia, China
  • 7-10 days after order confirmation
  • 30,000 tons/Monthly production
Brand name: Perfect bentonite cat litter Perfect brand bentonite cat litter has a wide reputation and is loved by people in many countries, who love its fast clumping, long-lasting aroma and not easy to scatter clumps.

 Bentonite Clay Kitty Sand

Perfect as the best bentonite cat litter, bentonite clay kitty sand has excellent factors loved by the people. Firstly, the raw material of spherical cat litter is 100% natural sodium -based bentonite clay, known for bentonite clay kitty sand excellent caking ability and  the odor control of spherical cat litter, and secondly, Perfect spherical cat litter's intense and long-lasting aroma makes bentonite clay cat sand a popular choice for cat owners.

;bentonite clay sand bentonite clay cat sand

Product name:

Bentonite Clay Kitty Sand

Shape:Ball shape
Raw material:High-quality natural bentonite clay
Dust rate:≤0.5%
Ammonia adsorption:> 40 mmol/100g
Water absorption:>400%
Volume-weight ratio:0.8 g/ml
PH value:8
Deodorization rate:>90%
ScentCoffee,Apple,Lemon,Lavender,Peach etc

Bag typePlastic bagWoven bagsTons  bags


bentonite clay kitty sand

bentonite clay sand

bentonite clay cat sand

OEM                     √                       √

bentonite clay kitty sand bentonite clay sand

The third, Perfect spherical cat litterhas extremely low dust, thanks to the factory's various dust removal processes in the production of spherical Cat Litter, such as bag dusting, etc., extremely low dust in bentonite clay sand will provide customers with a better experience.

Low dust bentonite clay sand may have some differences in the dust removal process compared to traditional bentonite clay sand. 

Here are some new dust removal processes:

1、Dust control agent: In order to reduce the amount of dust produced in bentonite clay sand, dust control agents are often added when manufacturing low dust bentonite clay sand, thereby reducing dust generation during the use of bentonite clay cat sand.

2、Fine particle screening: When preparing low-dust spherical cat litter, a more efficient screen is used to screen fine particles. Smaller particles and powders in bentonite clay cat sand can be removed, reducing the chance of dust generation in bentonite clay sand.

3、Wet preparation: the method of wet preparation. In this method, raw materials are mixed with water and subjected to processes such as stirring, pressing, etc., to form agglomerates. Compared to dry preparation, wet preparation can better reduce the possibility of dust generation in bentonite clay cat sand.

4、Dust collection system: Equipped with a dust collection system to collect and filter dust particles generated by bentonite clay kitty sand during the production process.

In general, low-dust bentonite clay cat sand will take a series of measures to reduce the amount of dust produced by bentonite cat litter during dust removal, such as adding dust control agents, fine particle screening, wet preparation, etc., and may be equipped with a dust collection system. The goal of these processes is to reduce dust in bentonite cat litter and provide a cleaner, healthier environment for bentonite cat litter use. 


Q1:What is your MOQ?

A: Usually a 20ft container is required as the minimum order quantity on our side. But also accept your minimum amount.

Q2:Do you offer free samples?

A: Yes, we can provide free samples.

Q3:How do I get your quotation?

A: If you want to know more about our quotation, please provide detailed product requirements, such as packaging specifications, number of bags, and weight, we will provide a completed quotation to you.

Q4:Which is your trading method?

A: We accept FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDP, etc.

Q5:Can I buy your cat litter and pet accessories at the same time?

A:Yes, we can pack pet accessories and cat litter in the same container to meet your needs.


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