• Dog Treat Packaging Pet Food Bags

Dog Treat Packaging Pet Food Bags

  • Eisen pet cat litter
  • Inner Mongolia, China
  • 7-10 days after order confirmation
  • 30,000 tons/Monthly production
Brand name:Eisen pet polythene plastic bags Food grade polyethylene material that meets health and safety standards.

Dog Treat Packaging Pet Food Bags

The research and development technology of polyethylene plastic eco friendly pet food packaging bags mainly involves the following aspects:

1. Material selection: When developing polyethylene plastic eco friendly pet food packaging bags, it is necessary to choose food-grade polyethylene materials that meet health and safety standards. These materials should have properties such as high temperature resistance, oxygen barrier and humidity to maintain the freshness and quality of food.

2. Pet treat packaging structure design: According to the characteristics and needs of pet food, the pet treat packaging structure is reasonably designed, and a multi-layer composite structure can be used or functional layers (such as moisture-proof layer, fresh-keeping layer, etc.) can be added to improve the performance of pet treat packaging such as moisture-proof, anti-oxidation and anti-taste migration.

3. Technical processing: using appropriate technical processing methods, such as blown film, bag making, etc., to process food-grade polyethylene materials into dog food package bags. During processing, attention needs to be paid to controlling parameters such as temperature, pressure and speed to ensure dog food package quality and safety.

4. Printing and identification: In order to meet the market demand and brand promotion, printing and marking can be carried out on polyethylene plastic pet treat packaging bags. This involves selecting inks and dyes suitable for food contact and ensuring that the quality of the print meets the requirements.

5. Safety test: In the research and development process of eco friendly pet food packaging, a series of safety tests are required to ensure that polyethylene plastic dog food package bags meet the requirements of relevant standards and regulations, such as pressure resistance, heat resistance, tear resistance and other performance tests, as well as the detection of harmful substances in dog food package materials.

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