• OEM Tofu Cat Multi-color Flavor Cat Tofu Litter Natural
  • OEM Tofu Cat Multi-color Flavor Cat Tofu Litter Natural

OEM Tofu Cat Multi-color Flavor Cat Tofu Litter Natural

  • Eisen pet cat litter
  • Inner Mongolia, China
  • 7-10 days after order confirmation
  • 30,000 tons/Monthly production
1. Natural ingredients, safe and assured. 2. Good solubility, can be directly washed away. 3. Good clumping, full range of wrapped excrement, avoid odor distribution. 4. There are various colors and flavors of tofu litter to choose from.

OEM Tofu Cat Multi-color Flavor Cat Tofu Litter Natural

tofu kitty litter

Why choose tofu kitty litter?

1.First of all, tofu kitty litter is made from soybean residue or other plant fibers, and the natural ingredients are safer for cats and owners. Moreover, the particles of tofu kitty litter are larger, and the cat can effectively reduce the amount of tofu kitty litter after use. Not only is the cat's feet clean, but tofu kitty litter is also convenient for the owner.

 2.Secondly, the water absorption of tofu litter sand is very good, the clumping is fast and firm, and tofu litter sand is very convenient when shoveling feces. For the disposal of used tofu litter sand, because the water absorption of ttofu litter sand is very good, tofu litter sand can be flushed directly to the toilet and can be dissolved quickly.

tofu litter sand

Our company mainly provides OEM/ODM tofu sand services, and can provide free tofu sand design.

Compared with non-customized tofu sand, we provide customized services to customers tofu sand to better understand your needs and preferences. Let me know what you think, we can provide free design, creative color collocation, unique logo to create a unique tofu sand product. It can make your tofu sand product stand out among many tofu sand and have a more competitive advantage in the market. Hope that our service can improve your satisfaction, if your tofu sand sales effect is very good, you can recommend us to your friends, partners, etc., looking forward to long-term friendly cooperation with you.

     tofu sand tofu kitty litter          

     tofu litter sand tofu sand


Q1:What is your MOQ?

   A: Usually a 20ft container is required as the minimum order quantity on our side. But also accept your minimum amount.

Q2:Do you offer free samples?

  A: Yes, we can provide free samples.

Q3:How do I get your quotation?

  A: If you want to know more about our quotation, please provide detailed product requirements, such as packaging specifications, number of bags, and weight, we will provide a completed quotation to you.

Q4:Which is your trading method?

   A: We accept FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDP, etc.

Q5:Can I buy your cat litter and pet accessories at the same time?

   A:Yes, we can pack pet accessories and tofu sand in the same container to meet your needs.


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