• Polythene Plastic Bags

Polythene Plastic Bags

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  • Inner Mongolia, China
  • 7-10 days after order confirmation
  • 30,000 tons/Monthly production
1. Low cost 2. Lightweight and convenient 3. Durability 4.Versatility

Polythene Plastic Bags

Polythene Plastic Poly Bags is a common plastic bag, also known as polythene bags or plastic shopping bags. They are usually made of a high - or low-density plastic called polyethylene. Polyethylene is an affordable, lightweight and reusable material with good durability and water resistance.

               plastic bag

We can provide personalized packaging customization services according to your needs, and can be designed free of charge!

Here are some of the advantages of polythene bags:

1. Low cost: Compared with other types of packaging materials, the production cost of polythene bags is relatively low and economical, poly bag has become the choice of many customers.

2. Lightweight and convenient: poly bag is lightweight, easy to use, and can be folded at will

3. Durability: Poly bag is durable, tear resistant, suitable for carrying heavy objects or sharp objects. Poly bag can withstand all weather conditions and are less likely to break or leak.

4. Versatility: Plastic bags come in various shapes, sizes and thicknesses, providing versatility.  Plastic bags can be used to pack groceries, clothing, household items, and more.


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