• Premium Natural Paw 2.0mm Strip Shape Tofu Cat Litter
  • Premium Natural Paw 2.0mm Strip Shape Tofu Cat Litter

Premium Natural Paw 2.0mm Strip Shape Tofu Cat Litter

  • Eisen pet cat litter
  • Inner Mongolia, China
  • 7-10 days after order confirmation
  • 30,000 tons/Monthly production
Brand name:Fresh tofu cat litter Tofu cat litter is currently the ideal product chosen by many cat owners, considering both pet safety and health, as well as convenient cleaning and environmental protection.

Premium Natural Paw 2.0mm Strip Shape Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter natural is an innovative cat tofu litter product that has many highlights:


Tofu cat litter natural

1. Dust-free and environmentally friendly: Tofu cat litter natural is made of natural plant fiber, which does not contain dust compared with traditional ore cat tofu, and is more friendly to the respiratory system of pets and family members during use.

2. High hygroscopicity: Tofu cat litter natural has excellent hygroscopic performance, can quickly absorb urine and solidify it, effectively control odor, and keep the cat tofu litter box dry and clean.

3. Natural and non-toxic: Tofu cat litter natural is made of natural plant fiber materials, does not contain any harmful substances, is safe and non-toxic to cats, and can be used with confidence.

4. Easy to clean: Since cat tofu is able to cure urine quickly, tofu cat litter can be easily cleaned up with just a gentle dig, reducing the time and trouble of cleaning the litter box.

5. Degradable: Tofu cat litter natural is an environmentally friendly product, which is more environmentally friendly when discarded because cat tofu is made of degradable materials.

6. Bactericidal effect: Tofu cat litter natural is added with natural bactericidal ingredients, such as tea tree essential oil, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi and reduce the production of peculiar smells.

cat tofu  Tofu cat litter natural

Tofu cat litter often adds a fragrance to provide a better experience of use and reduce odors:

1. Green tea scent: The green tea-scented cat tofu exudes a fresh tea aroma, which fills the cat tofu litter box with a light tea aroma.

2. Fruit scent: The fruit-scented cat tofu exudes the sweet smell of fruits, such as the aroma of peaches, apples and other fruits, and has a refreshing feeling.

3. Coffee scent: The coffee-scented cat tofu exudes the aroma of rich coffee beans, which has a warm, comfortable feeling.

4. Lavender scent: Lavender-scented cat tofu gives off the aroma of lavender flowers, bringing a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

5. Milk scent: Milk-scented cat tofu gives off a light aroma of dairy products and has a fresh, gentle feeling.

6. Activated carbon scent: Activated charcoal flavored tofu cat litter usually has the function of adsorbing peculiar odors and has the aroma of small cakes.

These different scents can bring different atmospheres and use experiences to the litter box, making cats feel more comfortable and happy when using the toilet.


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