• Strong Pp Polypropylene Woven Bags

Strong Pp Polypropylene Woven Bags

  • Eisen pet cat litter
  • Inner Mongolia, China
  • 7-10 days after order confirmation
  • 30,000 tons/Monthly production
Polypropylene woven bags are used in a wide range of fields, and their strength, moisture-proof properties and durability make them a popular packaging choice.

Strong Pp Polypropylene Woven Bags

             pp woven        woven polypropylene sacks

Cat litter is usually packed in high-strength pp woven polypropylene sacks. Since cat litter is a relatively heavy item, it is necessary to use a higher strength pp woven bag to withstand the weight and prevent breakage. PP woven polypropylene sacks have good durability and waterproof properties, which can effectively protect the cat litter from moisture or contamination. At the same time, the pp woven polypropylene sacks also has a certain anti-tear performance, which can prevent the accidental overflow of cat litter during transportation and storage, providing convenience and safety to a certain extent. Therefore, choosing to use pp woven polypropylene sacks to pack cat litter is a common and reliable practice.


     woven polypropylene bags   pp woven

Then the following points need to be noted when using woven polypropylene bags:

1. Avoid contact with sharp objects:

 Direct contact with sharp objects will scratch and damage the bag.

2. Avoid exposure at high temperature:

 Woven polypropylene bags has a certain heat resistance, if exposed to high temperature environment for a long time, it will make the pp woven bag deform, fade, etc., and lose the original performance.

3. Not suitable for food storage:

 they do not provide adequate tightness and leak resistance.

4. Proper disposal of waste bags: 

When pp woven polypropylene bags are no longer used, they should be properly disposed of to avoid random disposal, and can be recycled or sorted according to local regulations.

       woven polypropylene sacks       woven polypropylene bags

In short, when using pp woven polypropylene bags, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting its integrity, avoiding high temperature, preventing moisture, avoiding direct sunlight and other aspects of attention to extend its service life and ensure safety performance.


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